Kinderklinik Dritter Orden Passau

Bischof-Altmann-Strasse 9 | 94032 Passau | Germany

The customer

The Children's Hospital Dritter Orden in Passau provides inpatient and outpatient care for children and adolescents, combining modern medicine with a desire to uphold established traditions.

The project

The first synedra customer in Germany uses synedra AIM as a hospital-wide universal archive for medical data. Departing from the initial requirement of a documentation system for ultrasound scans, the installation has since been extended to integrate all DICOM sources, covering the functions of a PACS with a diagnostic workstation. The integration of further medical equipment (e.g., EEG), photo documentation via WLAN-enabled cameras, video documentation and the archiving of patient-related PDF documents complete the fields of application of synedra AIM.

  • synedra AIM in use since: January 2009
  • Connected HIS/RIS: AGFA Orbis

Fields of application

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