Solothurner Spitäler AG

Schöngrünstrasse 42 | 4500 Solothurn | Switzerland

The customer

The Solothurner Spitäler AG (soH) is a public hospital spread across several locations (Spital Dornach, Kantonsspital Olten, Bürgerspital Solothurn, Ambulante Dienste, Psychiatrische Dienste) and specialized in different areas of expertise. The non-profit public company is currently owned by the Canton of Solothurn and responsible to provide extended primary health care to the population of the canton. About 4,300 staff members make the soH the largest employer and teaching hospital in the canton of Solothurn.

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The project

The Solothurner Spitäler AG opted for synedra AIM as an efficient and flexible solution for the management and audit-proof archiving of their patient-related and administrative data. synedra AIM as a universal archive and ELO as DMS solution together constitute a hospital-wide universal archive providing documents across all departments. In addition to that, synedra AIM provides the basis for an eHealth compatible electronic health record that incorporates electronic documents from all relevant sources (HIS, laboratory, electronic referrals, imaging modalities) as well as scanned documents. Moreover, as a unified multimedia archive, synedra AIM facilitates the management of medical image data outside the radiology department.
In 2017, the hospital decided on deepening its work relations with synedra: Since synedra AIM offers all functionalities of a modern PACS, the existing GE PACS was replaced by synedra AIM. As part of the replacement, all radiological modalities and the RIS were connected to synedra AIM and all data were migrated to the new PACS. For image reading, synedra's powerful viewer synedra View is at the radiologists' disposal. The viewer can be opened directly in the RIS and thus ensures more efficient workflows at the hospital. To facilitate the communication with referring physician, synedra Web has been implemented. Thanks to a connection to the Health Info Net (HIN) platform, the referring physicians themselves are allowed to easily access the patient data that have been shared with them.
Workflows at the hospital are even further facilitated by the introduction of the synedra Disk Import Box, a product that allows its users to quickly and easily import data contained on patient CDs and DVDs into the universal archive.

  • synedra AIM in use since: June 2017
  • Connected ERP: SAP

Fields of application:


synedra AIM is in use at the following sites:

Spital Dornach

Spitalweg 11 | 4143 Dornach | Switzerland

Kantonsspital Olten

Baslerstrasse 150 | 4600 Olten | Switzerland

Bürgerspital Solothurn

Schöngrünstrasse 38 | 4500 Solothurn | Switzerland

Ambulante Dienste (in Grenchen, Solothurn, Balsthal and Däniken)

Herrenmattstrasse 2 | 4658 Däniken | Switzerland

Psychiatrische Dienste Solothurn

Weissensteinstrasse 102 | 4503 Solothurn | Switzerland

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