synedra AIM as a solution for the documentation of images, videos and multimedia

From wound documentation with digital cameras to endoscopic procedures, from ultrasound examinations to the archiving of therapy videos – synedra provides a solution to archive all these data efficiently. 

Outside the radiology department as well, there is an ever-growing need for a consolidated documentation of DICOM- and non-DICOM data. As a Health Content Management Platform, synedra AIM addresses the requirements of the entire healthcare facility, avoiding the development of isolated solutions. However, already existing individual solutions can be homogeneously integrated into synedra AIM. synedra AIM is the proof that a universal approach can be combined with highly specialized knowledge beyond individual application scenarios.

Your requirements:

  • Video documentation (e.g., endoscopy tower, therapy videos)
  • Photo documentation / wound documentation in clinical departments
  • Integration of multimedia medical devices
  • Integration of existing departmental solutions, ultrasound documentation systems
  • Integration of DICOM-compliant video modalities (e.g., endoscopy, OR microscopes)

Our assets:

  • High competence with regard to video documentation: support of Full HD, streaming from the archive, video editing, ...
  • Integrated Import function allowing for a convenient and rapid acquisition of photos and multimedia content
  • Full documentation of the multimedia patient record by equally supporting both DICOM and non-DICOM
  • Automatic import function allowing for data transfer from departmental systems
  • Scalability of the synedra AIM installation to comply with further use scenarios


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