synedra AIM as a universal archive for medical data

Every healthcare facility is unique, also with regard to its specific IT requirements. The IT strategy is thereby not only influenced by already existing systems and by medical technology, but also by long-term considerations and specific, immediate needs.

Many of our customers discover synedra AIM because they have a specific requirement (e.g., replacement of a PACS, introduction of a HIS, purchases of medical technologies). They combine this requirement with the demand that the archive solution be sustainable and therefore deployable throughout the whole healthcare facility. synedra AIM meets this demand, covering specific requirements of individual solutions on a departmental basis while at the same time being expandable in a variable number of steps, from a small installation to a universal archive encompassing all medical data and available in the entire facility. This asset makes synedra AIM a unique and future-proof solution for healthcare facilities of all sizes.

Your requirements:

  • High availability of information
  • Optimization of medical and administrative workflows
  • Avoidance of individual solutions and complexity
  • Consolidation and integration of the existing IT systems (e.g., a PACS already available)
  • PACS, image and video documentation, archiving of all types of documents
  • Sustainability, data security, data and patient protection as well as legal security
  • Independence from manufacturers

Our assets:

  • A universal archive covering all data (images, documents, multimedia) reduces investment costs
  • A viewer conceived for all kinds of content optimizes workflows and reduces the need for training
  • The HIS and/or RIS integration reduces interface complexity
  • An up-to-date system architecture for various operating scenarios (Citrix, VMware, Cloud, ...) allows for flexibility
  • A flexible and highly effective access authorization concept improves data protection and supports compliance demands
  • Individually definable scenarios for introducing and expanding synedra AIM allow the installation to grow with your needs
  • A class IIb medical device, a legally admissible document archive supporting timestamps and digital signatures, a system architecture supporting legally admissible retention and archiving times


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