Bundesverband Rehabilitation (BDH)

Hubertusstraße 3-7 | 35619 Braunfels | Almanya

The customer

The Bundesverband Rehabilitation (BDH) operates a number of renowned clinics and rehabilitation centers providing specialist neurological rehabilitation all over Germany.

• Website: www.bdh-reha.de


The project

The BDH’s five clinics in Vallendar, Hessisch Oldendorf, Greifswald, Elzach and Braunfels planned to gradually introduce a unified PACS and universal archive, thus replacing and unifying, respectively, the solutions that have been in place so far (i.e., GE, Philips, Conquest). Each of the five sites has been provided with its own synedra AIM installation. The Braunfels clinic serves as the central site for secure long-term archiving. synedra Web is employed to quickly transmit medical data to referring physicians and also to the Hannover Medical School, where diagnostic imaging is performed by means of synedra View Professional, synedra’s standalone viewer. Moreover, at the Braunfels site, physicians are able to collaborate and communicate with physicians from other hospitals and partners, e.g., from the University Hospital in Giessen or Frankfurt, allowing them to obtain a second opinion. Case reviews using the presentation component integrated in synedra View or the burning of patient CDs are further workflows which can be realized by means of synedra AIM. Last but not least, interfaces to medical devices, e.g., ECG, EEG, have been implemented.

• synedra AIM in use since: September 2017
• Connected HIS/RIS: CGM GPM

Fields of application:


synedra AIM is in use at the following sites:

BDH-Klinik Vallendar GmbH

Heerstraße 65 | 56179 Vallendar | Germany

BDH-Klinik Hessisch Oldendorf

Greitstraße 18-28 | 31840 Hessisch Oldendorf | Germany

BDH-Klinik Greifswald

Karl-Liebknecht-Ring 26A | 17491 Greifswald | Germany

BDH-Klinik Elzach

Am Tannwald 1-3 | 79215 Elzach | Germany

BDH-Klinik Braunfels

Hubertusstraße 3-7 | 35619 Braunfels | Germany

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