About synedra

synedra information technologies GmbH was founded in Innsbruck (Austria) in the year 2005. Its foundation was based on the idea to launch a platform solution for the archiving of all medical data, thereby covering the requirements of all specialties of a healthcare facility in a hospital-wide system. The result was synedra AIM—our Health Content Management Platform that is continuously being developed and provides our customers with up-to-date solutions with regard to the acquisition, storage, archiving, visualization and distribution of data.

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synedra's headquarters

Our team

synedra believes that its staff plays a central role in the company’s success. A number of our employees have been working for synedra since its foundation, which shows the company’s qualities as an employer quite impressively. Our employees are also vital in establishing and maintaining good customer relations, from the sales staff, who initiates first customer contacts, to our project managers, who work in close cooperation with our customers in order to realize various projects, to the technical support team, which is in charge of the customer service hotline and is therefore always on hand with help and advice. Furthermore, our product managers and software developers are continuously working on improving our products and adapting them according to customer requirements.

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synedra's staff at synedra's 10th anniversary

Mission statement

In 2019, the staff members, managing directors and owners of synedra agreed upon a new mission statement, “our vision”. The values and visions described therein represent the company’s priorities with regard to the collaboration within the company as well as between the company and its customers.

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sales team sitting around globe

Quality management

Manufacturers of medical devices carry special responsibility with regard to the quality of their products and services. synedra is conscious of this responsibility, which is why the entire synedra AIM product portfolio has been approved as a Class IIb Medical Device as defined in the European Directive 93/42/EEC, thus meeting the EU requirements for medical devices.

Moreover, synedra as a company is certified to the international standard EN ISO 13485.

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Product management at work

Partners and memberships

synedra works in close collaboration with various providers who are experts in their respective areas of activity. These collaborations have been proven to be very successful and have enabled us to continuously expand our portfolio.

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We are very proud of our close customer relations, which we have been able to maintain over years in many cases and which we are eager to cultivate further in the years to come. Among synedra’s customers are healthcare facilities of all sizes, starting with small local hospitals through to university hospitals mainly situated in the DACH countries, i.e., Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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