Our mission statement

vision 2020

We, the synedra team, managing directors, and owners of the synedra company, jointly worked out this mission statement in 2013.

synedra 2020 – our vision

As a manufacturer of medical software, we are globally successful and leading in the German-speaking area.

Our mission

We consider ourselves as experts for multimedia medical information. We implement clear and intuitive solutions meeting future requirements.

We are committed to delighting our customers.

To reach this goal, we aim to provide quality and innovation in everything we do. Moreover, we have a deep understanding of our users’ needs and stand out through our long-term customer relations based on partnership and trust.

The thus created added value is a competitive advantage for our customers.

Our values

Our relationships with each other, with our users, customers, partners and competitors are based on respect, fairness, honesty, carefulness, and trust.

As a manufacturer of medical devices, we take responsibility for the well-being of the patients.

We are highly committed to our tasks and fully competent in issues regarding healthcare and IT.

We are united by our common interest in a sustainable and profitable development as an independent company.

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