Our mission statement

Our vision
As an internationally successful company, it is our aspiration to make a sustainable contribution to people’s health.

Our customers and partners
As a software manufacturer, we are experts in the field of data management in the healthcare sector. 
We are committed to delighting our customers and partners. We achieve this goal through: 

  • innovative and flexible solutions
  • quality and reliability in the following areas: consulting, implementation, product and support
  • long-term and collaborative customer relationships

We understand the workflows and needs of our customers and partners. By means of our integrated solutions, we help them to organize their working procedures in such a way that they can provide efficient and high-quality treatment to their patients.
The thus created added value is a competitive advantage for our customers.

Our employees
Our employees are the basis of synedra’s success.
We all advocate an open and appreciative way of working together, regardless of position or role in the company. 

synedra’s culture is shaped by equality, flexibility, mutual support, development opportunities and family friendliness.

The result is a positive working atmosphere that encourages our employees to enjoy working for synedra and to stay with us for the long term.

Our values
Our relationships with each other, with our users, customers, partners and competitors are based on respect, fairness, transparency, honesty, reliability and trust.

As a manufacturer of medical devices, we take responsibility for the well-being of the patients.

We are highly committed to our tasks and fully competent in issues regarding healthcare and IT.

As a company, we see it as our duty to contribute to the protection of the environment and the climate.

We are united by our common interest in a sustainable and profitable development as an independent company.