Health Content Management

synedra AIM

synedra AIM is a modular Health Content Management (HCM) Platform. Health Content Management means that documents, images, videos, laboratory findings and other information objects produced in a healthcare facility are regarded as a strategic resource and are managed uniformly. A healthcare facility implementing Health Content Management makes the conscious decision to consolidate data islands into a unified platform solution.

synedra AIM consists of modules and thus enables the implementation of different solutions. Many healthcare facilities have specific requirements, such as the implementation of a PACS in the radiology department. In other facilities, the scanning and archiving of paper documents or the integration of video sources are the most important topics. Other reasons for healthcare facilities to implement synedra AIM may be photo-documentation, the creation of reports, the legally compliant archiving of documents, eHealth or the application of synedra AIM as a FHIR-compliant clinical repository. What all synedra AIM projects have in common is the goal to manage all data of the healthcare facility centrally and uniformly.

You may use synedra AIM in all these areas—or only for certain sub-tasks. You may integrate synedra AIM into existing solutions and expand it gradually according to your needs. In this way, you alone may determine the pace of the digitization process and are therefore well prepared for future requirements.

With synedra AIM, you are always on the safe side since synedra AIM as a whole has been approved as a Class IIb Medical Device.

synedra Disk Importbox

The synedra Disk Importbox is a supplement to synedra AIM. It allows you to quickly and easily import DICOM data contained on CDs and DVDs into synedra’s vendor neutral archive. 

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