synedra Disk Importbox

Fast and easy import of patient CDs/DVDs

The handling of patient CDs and DVDs containing image data often presents a challenge to healthcare facilities with regard to their workflows. As the images are relevant to the treatment process, they have to be made available to the attending physician. However, importing data into the PACS is usually complicated and time-consuming, which is why synedra has developed the synedra Disk Importbox, a product that allows its users to import data more quickly and easily.

The synedra Disk Importbox is a perfect supplement to synedra AIM. It allows you to quickly and easily import DICOM data contained on CDs, DVDs and USB flash drive. Its simple use is at the same time its biggest advantage: just insert the data carrier into the synedra Disk Importbox, the rest is done automatically.

Your key advantages at a glance

  • The synedra Disk Importbox is run on AlmaLinux, thus it has little vulnerability to malware
  • In contrast to Windows computers, the synedra Disk Importbox is not affected by viruses and ransomware since it has no autoplay function
  • Secure import of all DICOM data
  • Thus, a very high level of security is guaranteed for your patient-managing system

The synedra Disk Importbox is only available as part of synedra AIM and cannot be purchased separately.

The Importbox for a fast import of DICOM CDs and DVDs