A universal medical viewer, leaving nothing to be desired

synedra View is synedra’s powerful and versatile viewer suitable for applications starting from clinical image viewing and image distribution through to diagnostic imaging in radiology. Efficient display of all relevant data—including images, documents, structured data, video files, laboratory findings—is complemented with an extensive set of image editing tools.

Radiologists as high-end users in particular benefit from the wide range of diagnostic tools provided by the powerful software solution. A close integration with the existing HIS and useful additional tools also facilitate the workflows of non-radiological users.

Being a module of the Health Content Management Platform synedra AIM, the multiformat viewer enables the archiving of all data types—from DICOM and video files to scanned medical records—in synedra AIM.

synedra View Embedded, which is another module of synedra AIM, can be integrated into the user interface of the HIS and can be opened from there. Without the need of changing the application, the users thus have direct access to the data in the archive.

Your key advantages at a glance

Extensive image viewing and editing tools

  • Wide range of image viewing tools, e.g., window, zoom, magnifier, shutter, scroll, pan
  • Support of multiplanar reconstructions (MPR), including “Curved MPR” and Thick Slab reconstructions (MinIP, MIP, AVG)
  • Wide range of measurement tools, e.g., distance, area and angle measurements, density/gray value measurements

Workflow-oriented and fast

  • Integration with the RIS/HIS
  • Automatic creation and loading of reports in PDF and DICOM PDF
  • Easy compilation of key images
  • Complete patient record view including extensive configuration options
  • Hospital-wide image distribution

Multiformat viewers as standalone versions

We also offer standalone versions of our multiformat viewer: either download the free version or purchase the full version.

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Medical Universal Viewer for image viewing and diagnostic imaging in use Radiologist viewing pictures with synedra View