synedra AIM as a PACS solution

With synedra’s PACS solution, we offer an open system that can be deeply integrated into existing IT landscapes, thus enabling streamlined workflows in radiology. Performance, reliability and usability are always at the center of our PAC software.

synedra View Diagnostic is the workstation that assists radiologists with efficient image interpretation. High operating speed and all features necessary for radiologists as high-end users to interpret images distinguish synedra View Diagnostic from other viewing solutions. These features include flexible and configurable hanging protocols, all relevant tools, automation by preloading previous examinations etc.

Radiological case discussions can be easily created and efficiently managed. When taking part in conferences and giving presentations, conveniently export your images and, if necessary, convert them to JPEG and anonymize them.

More than a PACS

By consistently applying international standards such as DICOM, HL7 and FHIR and by implementing numerous IHE profiles such as XDS, synedra’s PACS solution guarantees a vendor-neutral environment that enables interoperability with all imaging modalities and close integration with the hospitals’ main systems, such as the RIS or the HIS.

synedra’s PACS solution is approved as a medical device and is based on synedra AIM, synedra’s Health Content Management Platform. synedra's PACS is thus extensible, which is one of its biggest assets compared to similar solutions provided by other manufacturers.

Your key advantages at a glance

Standard-compliant and secure

  • Approved as a Class IIb Medical Device
  • Consistent compliance with relevant standards, i.e., DICOM, HL7, FHIR, IHE

Integrated into existing systems, economic and sustainable

  • Integration with all major RIS/HIS vendors
  • Scalability of synedra’s PACS solution to enable further use cases
  • Vendor-neutral, ensuring interoperability with all modalities

Optimized for the requirements of radiologists

  • Established in numerous projects—from medical practices to university hospitals
  • Support of key workflows (examination orders, integration of previous examinations, diagnosis, case presentation, printing, CD import, CD export, ...)
  • synedra View Diagnostic as your central interface for efficient image interpretation
  • Close integration of specialized applications (e.g., 3D postprocessing)
  • External image and diagnostic report distribution (web portal, teleradiology, DICOM email)
synedra's PACS solution

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