synedra AIM

synedra AIM is a Health Content Management Platform (HCM), covering all specialties of healthcare facilities and managing their data.

Modern healthcare facilities have multiple requirements with regard to their IT. The patients and their data are always at the center of attention though, regardless of where the data have been created and regardless of their format. This is why we have conceived synedra AIM as a Health Content Management Platform that encompasses all departments of a healthcare facility. The customers can decide for themselves what synedra AIM should do for them: 

  • PACS for radiology, cardiology and nuclear medicine
  • Platform to distribute images and medical reports as well as telemedicine solution
  • Photo and video documentation suitable for all specialties
  • Video solution in the OR
  • Data storage for the integration of medical devices
  • Solution for the legally admissible archiving of scanned medical records as well as documents from the HIS

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Physicians view the clinical report at the patient's sick bed

synedra View

synedra View is synedra's powerful and versatile viewer suitable for applications such as clinical image viewing and diagnostic imaging. Efficient display of all relevant data, including documents, images, DICOM data, videos and other multimedia objects, is complemented with an extensive set of image editing tools.

Our team has conceived synedra View with the end user in mind, thus providing a powerful software solution that can be easily operated by all user groups in the healthcare facility. Radiologists as high-end users in particular benefit from the wide range of diagnostic tools. For the display of image and multimedia data outside the radiology department, synedra View can be closely integrated with the existing HIS. Useful additional tools further facilitate the multiple workflows of our non-radiological users.

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Physician uses synedra View for diagnostic imaging at her workstation

synedra View Embedded

On the one hand, synedra View Embedded can be integrated in other programs, enabling for users to have a homogenous display of images and other documents without a perceptible change in program. On the other hand, synedra View Embedded is also available as a fast and efficient standalone viewer. 

The viewer does not only allow for the display of DICOM data, PDF files and numerous image and video formats, but also provides an extensive range of image viewing and editing tools. Moreover, the patient record view allows for a structured access to all patient data stored in synedra AIM. 

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synedra View Embeded

synedra Video

Video documentation plays an important role in the medical setting. Recording video signals is relevant to a number of medical specialties as well as to various medical procedures. Examples of workflows that are performed more efficiently with the help of a video solution range from recording complete surgeries and capturing still and moving images produced during endoscopy procedures, to the documentation in ophthalmology and the integration of microscopes.

synedra Video is available either as a pure software solution or as a fully integrated solution that comprises smoothly interacting hardware and software components. synedra Video Professional is our standalone solution providing the same capabilities.

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Example of video documentation in the OR with synedra Video

synedra Web

synedra Web enables users to quickly transfer medical documents and images to physicians outside of the hospital.

In the context of eHealth projects, synedra Web may be applied as a means of communication with referring physicians (affiliated doctors, GPs, etc.). Moreover, synedra Web has been conceived to fully support touch gestures and is optimized for use on mobile devices. 

Important: synedra Web is the perfect solution to view patient data after the diagnostic imaging of the data has been completed. Please do not draw any diagnostic conclusions from viewing the data as synedra Web is not intended for diagnostic purposes!

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Physician viewing patient data with synedra Web

synedra Import

synedra Import is the custom-made solution that allows to import your medical data to synedra AIM in an easy, fast and secure way. Different image and multimedia data as well as documents are supported. 

synedra Import has been specifically designed to keep the archiving process as simple as possible. This is realized with a slimmed-down user interface allowing for an intuitive use of synedra Import.

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Patient-related data stored in a physical archive

Fast and easy import of patient CDs/DVDs

The handling of patient CDs and DVDs containing image data often presents a challenge to healthcare facilities with regard to their workflows. As the images are relevant to the treatment process, they have to be made available to the attending physician. However, importing data into the PACS is usually complicated and time-consuming, which is why synedra has developed the synedra Disc Import Box, a product that allows its users to import data more quickly and easily.

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synedra Disc Import Box to import data from a patient CD into the PACS

synedra View Personal/Professional

synedra View Professional is a viewer that is ideally suited to meet the requirements of medical specialists. As it can be used in multiple ways and is suitable for diagnostic imaging, synedra View Professional is also the perfect solution for GPs and bigger healthcare facilities. 

For non-commercial and non-medical purposes, we offer our free DICOM and multimedia viewer synedra View Personal.

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synedra View Professional as perfect solution for medical specialists
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