synedra AIM

What is synedra AIM?

synedra AIM is a Health Content Management Platform (HCM), covering all specialties of healthcare facilities and managing their data.

Modern healthcare facilities have multiple requirements with regard to their IT. The patients and their data are always at the center of attention though, regardless of where the data have been created and regardless of their format. This is why we have conceived synedra AIM as a Health Content Management Platform that encompasses all departments of a healthcare facility. The customers can decide for themselves what synedra AIM should do for them:

  • PACS for radiology, cardiology and nuclear medicine
  • Platform to distribute images and medical reports as well as telemedicine solution
  • Photo and video documentation suitable for all specialties
  • Video solution in the OR
  • Data storage for the integration of medical devices
  • Solution for the legally admissible archiving of scanned medical records as well as documents from the HIS

You may use synedra AIM in all these areas – or only for certain sub-tasks. You may integrate synedra AIM into existing solutions, and expand it gradually according to your needs, so that you alone may determine the pace of the digitization process. 

synedra AIM including all its modules—synedra Archive, synedra View, synedra View Embedded, synedra Video, synedra Import, synedra Control Center—has been approved as a Class IIb Medical Device, which means that you are always on the safe side, regardless of the area in which synedra AIM is applied. Moreover, synedra AIM supports digital signatures and complies with IHE standards.

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synedra and synedra AIM (PDF file, 2 MB)

synedra AIM | PACS (PDF file, 826 KB) 

Digitization in Healthcare Facilities (PDF file, 4.1 MB)

Factsheets (in German)

synedra AIM for clinicians
(PDF file, 125 KB)

synedra AIM for radiologists
(PDF file, 120 KB)

synedra AIM for managing directors / administrative directors
(PDF file, 126 KB)

synedra AIM for IT managers
(PDF file, 126 KB)


synedra Control Center: Feature list
(PDF, 39 KB)

synedra AIM: Declaration of Conformity (PDF file,70 KB)

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