synedra Import

Efficient import of images and documents

synedra Import is the custom-made solution that allows to import your medical data into synedra AIM in an easy, fast and secure way. Different image and multimedia data as well as documents are supported. 

A module of synedra AIM, synedra Import has been specifically designed to keep the archiving process as simple as possible. This is realized with a slimmed-down user interface allowing for an intuitive use of synedra Import.

synedra Import assists you in the realization of the following workflows:

  • PrintToPDF (creating digital copies as PDF), e.g., to archive reports created in MS Word as PDF files and to optionally print the digital copies. You may archive the documents immediately or at a later time.
  • ScanToDICOM (scanning and archiving), e.g., to archive scanned X-ray images via a TWAIN interface.
  • Batch processing by means of a user interface especially designed for this purpose (high-volume scanning)
  • Archiving of image and multimedia data as well as documents

Depending on the unique conditions at your hospital, synedra Import provides you with various possibilities to create the archiving context: worklist, patient search in the synedra AIM archive, barcode scanner, HIS integration via an acquireDocument call or manual input.

Moreover, synedra Import enables electronic signatures by means of an integrated signature software.

Documents are scanned to archive them later to synedra AIM


synedra Import: Feature list
(PDF file, 36 KB)

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