synedra Video

Video documentation in the OR

synedra Video enables you to efficiently capture and archive medical videos and images.

Video documentation plays an important role in the medical setting. Recording video signals is relevant to a number of medical specialties as well as to various medical procedures. Examples of workflows that are performed more efficiently with the help of a video solution range from recording complete surgeries as well as still and moving images from endoscopic surgeries, the documentation in ophthalmology to the integration of microscopes.

A module of synedra AIM, synedra Video is ideally suited to assist users in their typical workflows of capturing medical videos and still images. Patients and/or examinations can be selected with a mouse click, video recording is started and controlled by means of a hand/foot switch on the endoscope. Having finished the examination, data are immediately stored in synedra AIM.

synedra Video supports the documentation of Full HD video signals and allows to capture still images and moving images of various lengths, also simultaneously and in different resolutions (e.g., SD videos and HD still images).

Working with synedra Video is also possible when being offline, as work lists and archiving jobs can be stored locally. The archiving process will be automatically continued as soon as the network connection is restored. Furthermore, synedra Video is optimized for use on touchscreen devices, allowing the simple retrieval and display of pre-examinations.

synedra Video is available either as a pure software solution or as a fully integrated solution that comprises smoothly interacting hardware and software components.

synedra Video Professional is our standalone solution providing the same capabilities. 

Use of synedra Video to document the surgery in progress


synedra Video: Feature list
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synedra Video Professional: Feature list
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synedra Video Professional
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