synedra View Embedded

Integrated plugin or efficient standalone viewer

synedra View Embedded as a module of synedra AIM is available as a plugin, allowing for the viewer to be integrated in other programs. The workflows do not change for the users since synedra View Embedded enables the retrieval of their data without any noticeable change of application. However, synedra View Embedded is also available as a fast and efficient standalone viewer.

Besides an extensive range of image viewing and editing tools, including advanced tools such as MPR, synedra View Embedded also provides a video streaming functionality. synedra View Embedded allows for the display of DICOM data, PDF files as well as numerous image and video formats. You can load the data from the synedra AIM archive, via HTTP or from the file system. Moreover, the patient record view provides structured access to all patient data stored in synedra AIM.

synedra View Embedded is available as an Active X Control in Windows operating systems. This allows for synedra View Embedded to be integrated in all programs supporting the loading of Active X Controls Plugins.


synedra View Embedded: Feature list
(PDF file, 34 KB)

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