synedra Web

Your mobile access to medical images and documents

synedra Web enables users to quickly transfer medical documents and images to physicians outside of the hospital. 

Sharing documents via synedra Web only requires a small number of simple steps: A document is shared either manually or automatically via HL7. The recipient immediately gets an email notification and can view the documents online on any mobile device or computer. To make this possible, synedra Web provides a Web viewer equipped with image editing tools. 
Alternatively, the recipient can download the documents via a secure Internet connection and view them with synedra View Personal or synedra View Professional.

When it comes to data transfer, priority is given to security and data protection aspects, which is why the transfer is encrypted. Moreover, sharing data with external users is restricted to distinct user accounts. Access to the data can be limited in time and can also be cancelled. Logging in to the web portal requires a username and password.

In the context of eHealth projects, synedra Web may be applied as a means of communication with referring physicians (affiliated doctors, GPs, etc.). Moreover, synedra Web has been conceived to fully support touch gestures and is optimized for use on mobile devices.

User interface of synedra Web



synedra Web (PDF file, 1.2 MB)

Feature list

synedra Web (PDF file, 35 KB)

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