ELGA, EPD and IHE XDS Affinity Domains

In synedra’s core markets, electronic health records have become a relevant issue for healthcare facilities. In Austria, the electronic health record (ELGA) has gradually been introduced since 2015, the Swiss equivalent (EPD) is expected to be put into operation by mid-2018, while in Germany, projects on IHE XDS Affinity Domains are proceeding. Although the three health records are conceptualized very differently from each other, they still have one thing in common: their high level of technical complexity. This is why their implementations are based on established standards, especially on IHE XDS. 

synedra is experienced in integrating electronic health records. Together with the Elisabethinen hospital in Graz, we successfully connected one of the first hospitals in Austria to the national electronic health record “ELGA” as early as December 2015. Since then, we have been on hand with help and advice for numerous customers with similar projects and have been able to gain a lot of expertise. In this way, we prove that synedra AIM, our Health Content Management Platform, is eHealth-ready and that our customers are perfectly prepared for the requirements imposed by the introduction of national health records. 

The illustration on the right-hand side shows how synedra AIM is used in ELGA in an exemplary way. 

Your requirements:

  • Connecting your synedra AIM installation to national health records as Document Source, Document Consumer or Document Repository
  • Data security
  • Standard-compliant implementation of national health records

Our assets:

  • Consultation expertise in a technically complex area
  • Expert in implementing electronic health records, thus providing a lot of experience
  • synedra AIM as a proven standard-compliant solution due to the “Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing” (XDS, XDS-I) IHE integration profile for generic documents and images implemented by synedra
  • Only minimal staff training required due to a smooth integration into existing workflows
Electronic health record
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