Video management in the OR

synedra AIM as video solution in the OR

Video documentation in the OR is a complex topic since the interplay between medical technology and hardware and software components needed in an operating setting requires a lot of experience and know-how. In the course of numerous projects, our synedra team have been able to prove their expertise in the area of OR documentation. synedra provides a standardized and tested package of hardware and software for the OR, with synedra AIM as the central platform for the management and distribution of video data. This allows our customers to benefit from the advantages of synedra AIM now and in the future.

Your requirements:

  • Recording of videos and still images (endoscopy, OR light camera, ceiling camera, OR microscope)
  • Video editing, capturing of still images
  • Smooth interplay of hardware and software
  • High reliability
  • High compression of video data
  • Control of the image display devices (e.g., PACS image on monitor 1, live endoscopic images on monitor 2)
  • Video streaming

Our assets:

  • Numerous options for video capturing and postprocessing
  • High competence in video documentation, i.e., Full HD video capturing, scaling, streaming, encoding, router control
  • Expertise in the area of medical computers in the OR
  • Extensively tried and tested hardware and software combinations from one provider
  • Scalability of the synedra AIM installation for compliance with further use scenarios
Example of video documentation in the OR with synedra Video
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