Our team


The management board is in charge of synedra's day-to-day operations. The managing directors' commitment, competence and foresight play a key role in the company's economic success. They also attach great importance to treating their employees with respect and nurturing their talents.


Our administration team do not only see to all the commercial tasks of the company (e.g., budgeting, controlling, accounting), but are also responsible for human resources.


The sales staff are in charge of acquiring customers and projects, which they do by representing synedra at congresses, fairs and sales presentations.

Product Management

Our product managers are concerned with the realization of customer requirements. In close collaboration with our software developers, they guarantee a user-friendly implementation.

Project Implementation

synedra attaches great importance to trustful relations between the company and its customers. Our staff members entrusted with project implementation act as intermediaries. Managing and coordinating projects as well as giving expert advice to our customers therefore fall in their area of competence.

Technical Support

The technical support implements and maintains customer systems. Further tasks of this key process include the development of system architectures and providing hotline support.

Software Development

Our in-house software development team provide our clients with software solutions tailored to their specific needs. Beyond that, technical documentation as well as quality assurance are among their areas of responsibility.

IT Infrastructure

The staff members of this process are responsible for developing and implementing IT infrastructure as well as maintaining synedra's internal IT infrastructure.

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