Kliniken Nordoberpfalz AG

Söllnerstraße 16 | 92637 Weiden | Germany

The customer

Kliniken Nordoberpfalz AG is a hospital and healthcare company running several acute hospitals, a rehabilitation clinic and a nursing facility. It provides high-quality medical care for all its in- and out-patients. With approximately 2,800 employees and 60 specialist departments, the Kliniken Nordoberpfalz treat about 100,000 patients per year.

The project

Since 2020, synedra AIM has been introduced step by step in each of the hospitals of the Kliniken Nordoberpfalz AG. The Health Content Management Platform (HCM) synedra AIM assumes the role of the central PACS solution, which is why the major radiological workflows are implemented in synedra AIM: The data of all DICOM modalities are stored in the synedra AIM archive. For the communication with the referring physicians, synedra Web serves as the image and report distribution solution, allowing selected referring physicians to view and interpret the transferred data using synedra View Professional.

  • synedra AIM in use since: 2020

Fields of application


synedra AIM is in use at the following sites:

Klinikum Weiden

Söllnerstraße 16 | 92637 Weiden | Germany

Krankenhaus Kemnath

Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 7 | 95478 Kemnath | Germany

Krankenhaus Tirschenreuth

St.-Peter-Str. 31 | 95643 Tirschenreuth | Germany

Steinwaldklinik Erbendorf

Krankenhausstraße 5 | 92681 Erbendorf | Germany

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