Non Patient Data

synedra’s core competence lies in the management of medical data. Many of our customers, however, want their requirements with regard to the archiving of non-patient documents in synedra AIM (e.g., contracts, personnel records, invoices, SAP documents) to be suited as well, especially against the backdrop of not being required to purchase a separate system to meet these requirements and of using synedra AIM in the best possible way. In synedra AIM, it is possible to set up special areas for the archiving of non-patient documents. Depending on the customer's requirements, different meta data/keywords can be defined to search these areas. Defining simple processing workflows is also possible. A certified SAP ArchiveLink interface is in preparation. However, synedra AIM does not position itself as an all-encompassing DMS/ECM solution. Requirements with regard to more complex ECM/DMS tasks can be met by integrating specialized solutions with synedra AIM (e.g., for invoice management).

We are currently working on expanding our product portfolio in order to support the archiving of non-patient documents.

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