Your mobile access to medical images and documents

Web portal for health professionals

The synedra Web portal enables you to transfer medical data to physicians outside of the hospital in a controlled and secure way. Share the data either manually or automatically via HL7. After you have shared the data, the recipient immediately receives an email containing a link to the images and to the diagnostic report, which he/she can view online on any modern mobile device or computer.

synedra Web runs on your own servers. When it comes to data transfer, priority is given to security and data protection aspects, which is why the transfer is encrypted. Sharing data with external users is restricted to distinct user accounts. Logging in to the web portal requires a username and password or an SMS token.

Web portal for patients

synedra Web allows you to conveniently provide your patients with medical images and documents. Patients can access their documents in an easy, but nonetheless secure way: Upon admission to the hospital, the patient’s email address and mobile phone number are registered and stored in the RIS/HIS and transferred to synedra AIM. After that, the patient receives an email containing a secure link to the login page. The patient portal is secured using two-factor authentication. After the patient has entered his/her username and password, he/she receives a mobile token on his/her mobile phone. Patient access is limited to a restricted time period. In this way, costs for long-term data storage are minimized, while security considerations are taken into account.

Your key advantages at a glance


  • Available on PCs, tablets and smartphones; can be used on Android as well as on Apple devices
  • Supports latest versions of all common web browsers
  • Zero Footprint—no installation, allowing you to view documents and images in the native web browser

Optimized for use on mobile devices

  • Responsive Design—content adapts to screen size
  • HTML5-based web viewer—optimized for use on touchscreen devices

Direct, universal and secure access

  • Secure and user-friendly web platform for image and diagnostic report distribution
  • Multiformat viewer (DICOM, DICOM multiframe, JPEG, PDF, etc.)
  • Encrypted data transfer, share with distinct user accounts, personal login area
synedra Web Tabletsynedra web viewer to transfer medical data in a secure way