Universal archive for medical data

Every healthcare facility is unique, also with regard to its specific IT requirements. The IT strategy is thereby not only influenced by already existing systems and by medical technology, but also by long-term considerations and specific, immediate needs.

Many of our customers discover synedra AIM because they have a specific requirement (e.g., replacement of a PACS, introduction of a HIS, purchasing new equipment in the field of medical technology). They combine this requirement with the demand that the archive solution be sustainable and therefore deployable throughout the whole healthcare facility. synedra AIM meets this demand, covering specific requirements of individual solutions on a departmental basis while at the same time being expandable in a variable number of steps, from a small installation to a universal archive encompassing all medical data and available in the entire facility. This asset makes synedra AIM a unique and future-proof solution for healthcare facilities of all sizes. 

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synedra AIM as a universal archive for all medical data

Images, videos, multimedia

From wound documentation with digital cameras to endoscopic procedures, from ultrasound examinations to the archiving of therapy videos—synedra provides a solution to archive all these data efficiently. 

Outside the radiology department as well, there is an ever-growing need for a consolidated documentation of DICOM- and non-DICOM data. As a Health Content Management Platform covering all medical data, synedra AIM addresses the requirements of the entire healthcare facility, avoiding the development of isolated solutions. However, already existing individual solutions can be homogeneously integrated into synedra AIM. synedra AIM is the proof that a universal approach can be combined with highly specialized knowledge beyond individual application scenarios.

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Physician uses a camcorder for wound documentation

Scanning and archiving

To meet the requirements imposed on a universal archive covering all medical data, synedra AIM supports the secure and legally admissible archiving of scanned paper health records, but also of all other patient-related documents (e.g., reports from the HIS or from other systems). 

Moreover, synedra AIM can be implemented to be used as a universal archive for the entire healthcare facility, managing also administrative data, e.g., personnel records and invoices. Thus, synedra AIM combines the qualities of a medical device with those of a legally admissible and audit-proof document archive in a unique way.

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Nurse scans documents for archiving

PACS and image distribution

Radiology plays a vital role in diagnostic imaging. Its requirements with regard to performance, process support and diagnostic tools are higher than for any other medical specialty.

synedra provides a solution that is ideally suited to meet the radiologists' requirements. It includes a powerful workstation for diagnostic imaging, a highly efficient and secure archiving system, a close integration with leading radiology information systems and a user-friendly solution for image distribution.

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Use of synedra View for diagnostic imaging and PACS workflows in radiology

Video in the OR

Video documentation in the OR is a complex topic since the interplay between medical technology and hardware and software components needed in an operating setting requires a lot of experience and know-how. In the course of numerous projects, our synedra team have been able to prove their expertise in the area of OR documentation. synedra provides a standardized and tested package of hardware and software for the OR, with synedra AIM as the central platform for the management and distribution of video data. This allows our customers to benefit from the advantages of synedra AIM now and in the future.

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Viewing and editing still and moving images after surgery

Communication via web

The scope of requirements ranges from teleradiology to the communication between referring physicians. What all these requirements have in common is the need for a secure and transparent exchange of data. With synedra AIM, our customers have a multitude of options presented to them, be it the conventional exchange using teleradiology or the participation at local and international medical networks.

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Physician views data transferred via web on his mobile device

Several sites—one archive

As a Health Content Management Platform, synedra AIM can be applied in small and medium-sized hospitals, but also in large healthcare facilities and clinic groups with distributed sites. 

In many cases, the bandwidth connecting the different sites is insufficient for direct image communication. With the aim to enable a common system at different sites anyway, synedra has conceived and developed the synedra AIM satellite concept.

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Physicians view a health record at the patient's bed
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