synedra AIM satellite concept

Several sites—one archive

As a Health Content Management Platform, synedra AIM can be applied in small and medium-sized hospitals, but also in large healthcare facilities and clinic groups with distributed sites. To meet the needs of those healthcare facilities, synedra has developed the synedra AIM satellite concept.

In many cases, the bandwidth connecting the different sites is insufficient for direct image communication. With the aim to enable a common system at different sites anyway, synedra has conceived and developed the synedra AIM satellite concept. The satellite concept is based on the idea that the central server application and the database are operated at one site (e.g., a data center), while the satellite systems covering the tasks in the local network (LAN) are installed at the external sites. The tasks covered by the satellite systems include receiving the data from the imaging modalities and systems in LAN speed as well as providing the data required at the local site. Synchronous and asynchronous mechanisms copy and move the data according to flexibly definable rules to the central site and/or to other sites for the purpose of securing and/or providing the data.

The satellite concept therefore allows for large amounts of data across geographically distributed sites to be handled locally and efficiently, enabling an economic and a comprehensive supply of the entire geographically distributed healthcare center with PACS, multimedia and archive services.

Overview of synedra's satellite concept
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