IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) is an international initiative whose objective is to improve the interoperability between IT systems in the health sector. The IHE initiative is of decisive importance both to vendors and operators of medical software, not least against the background of the growing significance of eHealth in the health sector. At the annual IHE Connectathons, the interoperability of synedra AIM with the solutions from other vendors is tested and optimized under real conditions. 

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With synedra AIM, we are committed to providing a standards-compliant software solution to our customers. When it comes to integrating imaging devices and systems, the DICOM standard plays an important role. The same importance is attached to the HL7 standard when it comes to connecting to medical information systems. As a Health Content Management Platform, synedra AIM has therefore been designed to optimally conform to both the DICOM and the HL7 standard. 

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FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) supports data exchange between software systems in the health sector. Its information architecture is based on HL7 and DICOM. Since FHIR leverages widely spread web technologies, it allows for the integration of mobile apps as well as for a lean and powerful integration between conventional systems, thereby combining the advantages of the established HL7 and DICOM standards as well as the IHE initiative with a technologically advanced approach.

In health IT, structured data are becoming more and more important compared to documents. At synedra, FHIR provides the basis for dealing with structured data. Thus, the company takes account of the ever-growing importance attached to structured data.

Managing structured data allows synedra AIM to address requirements emerging from completely new areas in the field of medical data management.

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