PACS and image distribution

synedra AIM as PACS and image distribution solution

Radiology plays a vital role in diagnostic imaging. Its requirements with regard to performance, process support and diagnostic tools are higher than for any other medical specialty.

synedra provides a solution that is ideally suited to meet the radiologists' requirements. It includes a powerful workstation for diagnostic imaging, a highly efficient and secure archiving system, a close integration with leading radiology information systems and a user-friendly solution for image distribution.

You may even benefit from synedra AIM if there is already a PACS solution available, with synedra AIM serving, for example, as an image distribution solution and a long-term archive. In case that your PACS goes down, synedra AIM may even take on the role of a backup PACS.

Your requirements:

  • An advanced PACS with a modern system architecture, certified as a medical device
  • Replacement of the existing PACS or initial digitization of the radiology department
  • Integration of all data sources, DICOM as well as non-DICOM
  • Support of the key workflows (examination orders, integration of pre-exams, diagnosis, case presentation, printing, CD import, CD export, teleradiology, ...)
  • Satisfied users due to a performant and intuitive software solution
  • Hospital-wide image distribution
  • Homogeneous integration of the RIS and/or HIS
  • Competent 24/7 support
  • Independece from modality vendors
  • Legally admissible long-term archiving

Our assets:

  • synedra View as the central work surface for an efficient diagnosis and all important PACS workflows
  • Automated migration of legacy data
  • Equal support of DICOM and non-DICOM – both for archiving and display
  • Close integration of special applications (e.g., 3D postprocessing)
  • External image and diagnostic report distribution (web portal, teleradiology, DICOM email)
  • Hospital-wide image and report distribution without restrictions
  • Compliance with IHE profiles
  • Possibility to connect to different WORM archive storage systems and external long-term archiving services
  • Support of DICOM worklists for the use as a PACS without the need of a RIS
  • Scalability of the synedra AIM installation to comply with further use scenarios
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