synedra AIM as an audit-proof document archive

To meet the requirements imposed on a universal archive covering all medical data, synedra AIM supports the secure and legally admissible archiving of scanned paper health records, but also of all other patient-related documents (e.g., reports from the HIS or from other systems).

Moreover, synedra AIM can be implemented to be used as a universal archive for the entire healthcare facility, managing also administrative data, e.g., personnel records and invoices. Thus, synedra AIM combines the qualities of a medical device with those of a legally admissible and audit-proof document archive in a unique way.

Your requirements:

  • Consistent management of all patient-related documents and data
  • Management of administrative data (including DMS functions, such as workflow and office integration)
  • Scanning of patient records
  • Scanning of health records brought along by the patients
  • Audit-proof archiving

Our assets: 

  • One archive for all documents
  • Management and workflow support also for administrative data
  • Scanning of health records and document import from information systems (e.g., HIS)
  • Support of timestamps and digital signatures
  • synedra AIM as an audit-proof document archive and a medical device in one
  • Scalability of the synedra AIM installation to comply with further use scenarios

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